A fitness studio for your mind, body & soul

Barre Prana is a fitness studio located Sherwood, OR
We offer barre, yoga and pilates.



To My Barre Prana Tribe, Three years ago, when I first opened Barre Prana, my goal was to create a beautiful, welcoming, and safe place to exercise; doing something I truly loved. I have put 100% of myself and everything I believe in into my studio and the response I've received has been amazing. Barre Prana has become so much more than I had ever imagined. It has become more than just a place to exercise. It has become my sanctuary. The place where I find connection, friendship, support, laughter, community and love. I cannot imagine my life without it. Which is why the next sentence is so difficult to write. I have to close the studio.

Unfortunately, I have found myself in a situation with my landlord that is making it impossible to continue to do business at my current location and I do not have another location to move to. What has been a months long conflict has resulted in a legal dispute with my landlord. I will be closing the studio on July 31st.

I need to resolve my current legal situation before I can move forward. My hope is that it can be settled quickly but I have no way of knowing how long it will take. I genuinely believe that people are inherently good and honest but I haven been proven wrong in this situation. The stress I've been under these past months has taken an emotional toll on me. My heart is broken, my spirit bruised and I need some time to find my moxie again. This will not define me or defeat me in any way. I know I will come out of this stronger, more balanced and energized to take on the next dream and turn it into reality too. Thank you for all of your love, support and friendship. In Strength, Balance, Energy & Love, Amy